It’s January 2019, I’m far from my country, it’s snowing and cold out there and I could not be happier.

Three weeks ago I started this association not knowing what to expect, whether I would find more people like me interested in creating a common place for those who share three characteristics: being Spanish, scientific professional and living in the Netherlands. Today we are almost 40 members, from multiple disciplines, from academia and industry, and with very different vital experiences in this country. Also, some people without professional ties but with a personal interest in science have joined; which demonstrates the growing relevance of scientific divulgation and associations for contemporary society.

We have managed to get together a group of people wishing to learn, collaborate and participate in the expatriate science. I believe that the beginning for CENL could not have been better. I believe that we can create something relevant from this ground. And I believe that the key is to keep growing, sticking together and spreading our science. Therefore, I inaugurate this blog, where to share our experiences and ideas.

Thank you very much for being part of this project.

Noelia Lozano-Vidal

Founder and President of CENL

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