CENL-SWNL has participated in the 5th Meeting on Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation Diplomacy

This week our president Noelia Lozano has attended the meeting about Scientific Diplomacy organized by Ramón Areces Foundation, Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT), the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities and representatives from AECID. 

The meeting, that took place in the headquarters of Ramón Areces Foundation in Madrid, has gathered scientific organizations, members of FECYT, members of the General State Administration and representatives from the 16 associations that form the network of associations for Spanish Researchers and Scientists Abroad (RAICEX), including ours.

The first day, an internal meeting of RAICEX took place in order to define the strategies to accomplish the objectives of the association. Later, the representatives from the 16 associations that form RAICEX were received in audience by HM the King Felipe VI of Spain and they discussed the challenges encountered by the Spanish scientific system (SECTI), the consolidation of the researcher figure and the attraction of (inter-)national talent.

The second day was dedicated to strengthen the communication between the General State Administration and RAICEX and to discuss about the current situation of the SECTI. During this meeting, the acting Minister of Science Pedro Duque and the General Secretary of Scientific Coordination, Rafael Rodrigo, held a round table with the 16 representatives from RAICEX where they discussed about the steps taken to improved and internationalize the R+D system in Spain. CENL had the opportunity to ask the minister about the steps already taken to change the accreditation system ANECA to facilitate the attraction of scientific talents to Spain. The Minister talked about the intention of the Spanish Ministry to include members of RAICEX as consultants in the process of evaluating the possibility of implementing in Spain the strategies that already work in other countries. Also, to establish new collaborations and to design strategies to attract talent to Spain.

To close the meeting, RAICEX, FECYT and AECID (Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development) created three working groups: “Research and Gender”, “Attraction of Talent” and “Professional Development” with the goal of discussing current issues and develop new short-term strategies.

The team of CENL would like to communicate to all of you how excited we are about having taken part in this meeting that we consider key for the improvement of the R+D system in Spain. We will continue working to represent the interests of the Spanish Scientists in The Netherlands.

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