International Women’s Day 2020

The Cervantes Institute, the Institut Français and OBA, supported by EUNIC Netherlands, and with the collaboration of CENL and FECYT, have developed a special program on the occasion of the next International Women’s Day.


14.00 hrs: Women and science. Debate organized by the Cervantes Institute that will be dedicated to the memory of the recently deceased Spanish scientist Margarita Salas. In collaboration with Spanish, Dutch and international institutions, the role of science in society and the work of women in this field will be discussed, emphasizing the unique contribution of Margarita Salas. We will also discuss the relevance of the languages ​​of science in Europe and, in particular, the use and current challenges of Spanish as a scientific language, as well as the role of science as an inspiration for artists. This debate will be moderated by Pilar Tena and it will involve Mara Dierssen, Francisco Colomer, Noelia Lozano-Vidal, Sonja Bäume and Markéta Baňková. A fragment of a recording will also be screened in which María Blasco and Margarita Salas talk about the role of science in society.

15.30 hrs: Break

16.00 hrs: Rebel women in French literature. The Institut Français will present the work of author Margot Dijkgraaf who will talk about her latest book Zij namen het woord ’ (They took the floor) in which she describes the life and work of various French authors who stood out for their rebellion.

16.45-18.00 hrs: Book signing and snack.


  • Mara Dierssen, neurobiologist and researcher.
  • Francisco Colomer, scientist. Director of the Joint Institute for VLBI ERIC
  • Noelia Lozano-Vidal, scientist. PhD. President of CENL
  • Sonja Bäumel, artist.
  • Markéta Baňková, artist.
  • Pilar Tena, director. Utrecht Cervantes Institute


  • Date: 03/08/2020 at 14:00
  • Remarks: Language: English and Dutch / Admission: free
  • Place: Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam O.B.A.