Mentoring programme

CENL-SWNL Mentoring programme 

The CENL-SWNL Mentoring programme is an activity for all members of the association of Spanish Scientists in the Netherlands. This program is based on the assignment of a volunteer mentor member who will tutor one or more mentee members during the period agreed by both parties, with CENL-SWNL acting as an intermediary.

The development and success of a scientific career is directly related to the acquisition of knowledge and skills that will allow to explore different job opportunities for each researcher.

When we have just arrived in a new place and we are not familiar with how the job market and the academic system work it is more difficult to identify which options are available to follow specific career pathways.

The CENL-SWNL Mentoring programme will focus on sharing knowledge and professional skills of Spanish scientists in the Netherlands. With various scientific fields and professional levels, this programme aims to positively benefit CENL-SWNL members through the exchange of work experiences in various scientific environments, both academic and business.

If you are interested you just have to complete a simple registration form. This programme is completely voluntary but in addition to the personal satisfaction of helping and connecting with other Spanish scientists in the Netherlands, CENL-SWNL will recognize the efforts and work of the mentors through a certificate and mention through our official digital channels (website and social networks).

If you want to sign up for the program, you only have to fill out one of the following two forms depending on whether you want to be a MENTOR or MENTEE.