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Comunicating science through art

Welcome to SCIENTIA, an exhibition that, through various thematic lines, seeks to reconcile two fields as broad and diverse as Science and Art. For lovers of creativity, imagination and artistic expression, who spend days in the laboratory or in front of a computer… This is your place!

SCIENTIA is a colaboration led by the artist Ramón Trigo, the gallerist Silvia Amarelo and the Association of Spanish Scientists in the Netherlands (CENL) in which we will explore the limits of Art as a mean of communication of a discipline as “mutitonal” as Science. These two disciplines have countless points of connection such as curiosity, imagination, the need to ask questions and find answers, the ability of the human mind to go beyond established limits and find new worlds, new spaces, the ability to create.

SCIENTIA consists of three artistic media chosen to carry out this mission: exhibition, informative book and board game.

The exhibition, the book and the game complement each other and work also independently. The exhibition matches the images in the illustrated book and its elements are part of the game. Thus, during the tour of the exhibition, the viewer is entering the pages of the book and vice versa. In the same way, the development and aesthetics of the game lead us to scenarios that are part of the book and the exhibition.

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You will see impossible and wonderful things! Everything fits in SCIENTIA.


14/04/2023: ¡Kick-off event!

23/03/2023: The kick-off of this initiative, sponsored by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology and the Ramón Areces Foundation, took place last March 2023 at the Instituto Cervantes (Utrecht, the Netherlands) and included a first presentation of the artist, his style and the SCIENTIA project, followed by the elaboration of a collective work.