Association of Spanish Scientists in the Netherlands

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Are you a Spanish scientist or researcher in the Netherlands or just someone with an interest in science?

Join us!


It is an association created by and for Spanish scientists living and working in the Netherlands, which seeks to consolidate a common space in which to share ideas, support each other during our stay in the country and encourage collaborations between institutions in the Netherlands and Spain.

Our objectives


To establish a community of Spanish scientists from all scientific disciplines in order to share knowledge, build a support network and facilitate the integration of newcomers to the Netherlands.


To represent Spanish researchers in the Netherlands before Dutch and Spanish organisations, society and media.


To create a contact point for cooperation between Dutch and Spanish institutions, both public and private, in order to facilitate scientific collaboration agreements between the two countries.


To increase the social perception of science and technology through events that give visibility to the work of Spanish researchers in the Netherlands.


We have different types of memberships depending on the profile of the applicant.

Thus,  not only Spanish scientists in the Netherlands can be members, but also people who reside or not in the country, as long they want to keep up to date with Science and our activities. 


Revolutionizing Neuroscience with Deep Learning

Revolutionizing Neuroscience with Deep Learning

  Introduction The human brain is the "most complex object in our observable universe," as Christoff Koch, known for his studies of the neural basis of consciousness, put it. This organ is made up of billions of neurons, synapses, and circuits that govern our...

CENL: Ethical Code

CENL: Ethical Code

  In order to talk about the CENL Code of Ethics, it is important, first, to understand why we believe a code of ethics is necessary and what it contributes to an association like ours. Spanish Scientists in the Netherlands, or CENL, as we know it on a day-to-day...

Fast bursts from galaxies far, far away

Fast bursts from galaxies far, far away

  The Universe is a place that still awaits us with many surprises and phenomena to discover. Known as Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs), they are flashes of light observed at radio frequencies that only last for a thousandth of a second and have been known for only 15...