What is the programme about?

The CENL-SWNL mentoring programme is available to all regular and associate members of the association.

Many of us, regardless of the professional stage we are in, need guidance or a solution to our doubts and concerns, be it to continue in our field, to change our area, our career path, etc.

And we are not and will not be the only ones who face these problems, there is a lot we can learn from others.

In this programme, each mentee is assigned a mentor member who will guide and mentor them for a mutually agreed period of time. CENL acts as an intermediary, always connecting the most suitable profiles and ensuring the smooth running of the programme.


This programme is completely voluntary, but in addition to the personal satisfaction of helping and connecting with other Spanish scientists in the Netherlands, CENL-SWNL will recognise the effort and work of the mentors through a certificate and a mention through our official digital channels (website and social networks).

Currently, to access you need to do it through the Spanish form.