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At CENL we believe in and defend scientific dissemination, in all formats.

And with this blog we want to go even further. We want to talk about your studies, we want you to tell us about your day-to-day life at work. We want to talk about your experiences with the Dutch education system, what it is like to live here and what it is like to return to Spain.

Your input (and comments) are always welcome. In your CENL profile you can indicate if you want to participate in the blog.

Do you have any questions?  You can write to Aitor Tejo Otero, editor of the blog.

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It’s Stephen Hawking’s fault

Book history: "It's Stephen Hawking's fault" is a popular science book written by four hands that tries to arouse the interest of young preadolescents in the imminent colonization of space. The first two hands are...

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Why is Pride Day celebrated?

As we could read in the previous article (https://www.cenetherlands.nl/june-pride-month-how-we-have-passed-from-a-protest-on-the-streets-to-be-used-as-pink-wash- by-institutions/) the riots that took place in...

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CENL: Ethical Code

  In order to talk about the CENL Code of Ethics, it is important, first, to understand why we believe a code of ethics is necessary and what it contributes to an association like ours. Spanish Scientists in...