“Los rumores de la plaza quedaron atrás y entro en la Biblioteca. De una manera casi física siento la gravitación de los libros, el ámbito sereno de un orden, el tiempo disecado y conservado mágicamente”.

Jorge Luís Borges


On October 24, Libraries Day is celebrated in many countries around the world. Its history begins from the ashes of memory. 

In 1992, on this very day, the National Library of Sarajevo was completely ruined due to the attack of radical nationalists who wanted to re-establish the Persian Empire, and that building turned out to be an insult to their beliefs. For this reason ,they decided to destroy it completely and with it, the hundred of thousands of books that kept the history of an entire people.

The image of the ruins of a history covered by ashes was engraved in the world’s mind thanks to the musician Vedran Smailovic who played the cello among the rubble of the building.


Destroying a library is attacking to the culture, science, art and humanity. Until the technological development, the knowledge was transferred by means of books, so protecting them was a must. 

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La educación es la base del progreso; considero que leer es un derecho incluso espiritual

-María Moliner


Esperanza Meseguer Navarro

Esperanza Meseguer Navarro

Teacher ALCE AMSTERDAM in Arnhem

Esperanza carries out a project based on disseminating different meta-analyses for the improvement of education in different aspects as well as the visibility of female referents in science and STEAM.